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What Vision Has to Do With It

Many years ago (say 12), after being the proponent of vision, mission and values as I was working with a client on their employee engagement. I was also questioning whether the concept of Vision and Mission was done; old news; tired. In interviewing the employees, what came out loud and clear was that they were

Why Culture Matters

Yes, it is true that results are only achieved through people, and the path to high performance is having the right people in the right place doing the right things. However, if you put talent into an environment that undermines their potential, you are squandering your investment. Does your culture allow talent to thrive?

Authenticity Debunked

There is a lot of hype out there about being authentic, particularly as a leader. If you think about it though, as soon as you start "trying to be" authentic, you aren't. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you should not be authentic, it is more about how you get there. Authenticity means

The Role of the Leader

There are many definitions of leadership. Some focus on the people side. Some focus on the operational side. Some focus on the strategic side. Ram Charan put an interesting spin on it when he described that one capability of a leader is to look from "Multiple altitudes". This implies that the leader can look above

The Changing World of Work

Many years ago I participated in a conference with Manpower Inc, where the keynote declared that 80 percent of the jobs of the future do not exist today (then). This has proven true. Who would have thought that someone could have a career of mapping businesses on online map tools (Apple Maps or Google Maps).

Leadership Development: Replacing Return on Investment with Return on Strategy

Finally, organizations — or at least a growing number of them — are realizing that “training” doesn’t work. There has been a dramatic shift. Now, organizations are focusing on “development” to build capability — both individual and organizational. What’s more, firms are concentrating this development on the real work of the business. They’re also eschewing