How We Enable Results

Leadership and Executive Coaching

The best leaders regularly talk about the value of coaching to build self-awareness and perspective. There are regular comparisons in popular media to professional athletes who all have personal coaches to maintain their stamina and further develop their craft. Research tells us that leadership/business/or executive coaching is the best way to develop and embed new skills and practices into one’s daily leadership practice. It is for all these reasons that we offer coaching.

Our approach to coaching joins psychology and business to develop both who the leader or executive is and what they do. We explore the 5 aspects we see as fundamental to the role of leading the organization:


Setting direction
Leading for results
Engaging people
Building organizational capability
Fostering strategic relationships

We use assessment to build self-awareness and an understanding of the context and aspiration of the individual to tailor the coaching program to the needs and desires of the individual and of the organization.

Our services include:

  • Leadership Coaching, focused on developing the capabilities of the individual leader or high potential future leader.
  • Strategic/Executive Coaching, providing a sounding board and perspective to the executive through which he/she can shape culture and strategy.
  • Career/Branding Support, to support the individual as they look to navigate the next step in their career.
  • Student/New Graduate Coaching. We recently identified a gap in support for young people as they navigate the shift from high school to the next phase in their career or education. It is not therapy that they need, but coaching to help them figure out who they want to be and how they want to show up.
  • Whole Person Physical and Behavioral Coaching. In this unique offering, we combine personal training with our licensed trainer with leadership or career coaching to take care of the whole person.

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