How We Enable Results

Leadership Coaching

Based on our philosophy of whole person coaching, we start each engagement gaining an understanding of the context within which the individual is working and their aspiration, a perspective on the current state, a picture of the desired future state, and use this to shape the coaching engagement. Our leadership coaching follows the following broad steps.

Phase 1: Relationship Building Icon Right

This is where we develop an understanding of the context and desired outcomes.

This allows the individual to build a relationship with the coach and determine fit and compatibility.


  • Meeting with the individual to discuss desired outcome
  • Meeting with coaching sponsor (Boss, or HR) if applicable
  • Develop an understanding of the context
  • Review of the process

Phase 2: Diagnostic / Assessment Icon Diagonal

This phase allows us to understand the current state and build perspective on the desired future state.

This phase can include one or more of the following:

  • In-depth biographical and aspirational leadership assessment
  • Personality and work style assessments
  • Stakeholder interviews to understand how the individual is seen
  • 360-degree feedback assessments
  • Career history inventories

Phase 3: Coaching Execution Icon Right

One-on-one regularly scheduled meetings to work through the identified opportunities and real-life business challenges.

Topics for discussion are owned by the individual however linked to the development plan:

  • The role of the coach is to test and challenge the individual’s thinking or behavior, share perspective, and develop new skills.
  • In addition to regularly scheduled meetings, ad-hoc support is available via telephone or email.
  • Regularly scheduled meetings can be in-person, telephone or video conference.

Phase 4: Diagnostic / Assessment

This phase is measured on two scales: time, and progress toward the goal.

In this phase (1 or 2 meetings) we assess progress and impact.

We also set out the development roadmap for the future.

This phase can also include a meeting with the coaching sponsor.

Following the closure meeting, we schedule two check-in’s (3 month and 6 month)

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