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CUTV News Radio Interview with Mary Marcus

Click here to listen to the CUTV News Radio Interview with Mary Marcus

OrganizationDynamic is pleased to be an authorized partner of the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

This program combines the ground breaking team effectiveness concepts introduced in Patrick Lencioni’s best selling book 5 Dysfunctions of a Team with the leading edge Everything DiSC published by Wiley into a team changing, team aligning and team optimizing session. Contact us to learn more.

New Website Launched

OrganizationDynamic is launching its new website.

The tyranny of popular media and generations

Since the mid 90’s the issue of generational diversity in the workplace has grown in interest, particularly in the work setting. In 1996, Tulgan published the first edition of “Managing Generation X.” This was not the first to be written about generational differences (at least with current generations), but likely the first “how to” book

The rise and fall of customer service

It is interesting to see the two directions customer service is going in these days. The ying and the yang is servicing customers to death vs forgetting that customers exist at all. To provide an example, I recently invested in an Iphone. This has been an eye opener to me who has thought the days

Who said employee loyalty doesn’t matter?

Anedotal media as well as some research is telling us that the younger generations (read Gen X and Gen Y) will change jobs approximately every three years. The same media will post that these generations do not have loyalty to a company. We also know that exemplary service to clients or quality of product is