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Who said employee loyalty doesn’t matter?

Anedotal media as well as some research is telling us that the younger generations (read Gen X and Gen Y) will change jobs approximately every three years. The same media will post that these generations do not have loyalty to a company.

We also know that exemplary service to clients or quality of product is based on having the best employees, dedicated to their work.

So, how do we reconcile these?

In today’s world of social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, etc.) potential employees spend time researching potential employers and are looking for employers that will add value to their careers. Ones who will develop them and add to their skill base. The source of their information? Former employees who may have moved on to the next opportunity as they work on building their skill and experience inventory.

Loyalty, in the new world of work, is where former employees speak positively about their experience and recommend you as an employer, even though they are no longer there. This means treating every employee with respect, even those you are severing for whatever reason. They may be what stands between that great, high potential candidate and your organization.

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Mary has over 19 years experience working with organizations, developing systems and processes that help them improve effectiveness and drive business results through their people.

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