The Team


Mary’s expertise in talent management had a profound impact on our leadership strategy. Her due diligence, collaborative strength, and creative solutions helped United Technologies build a comprehensive program to build skills and organizational effectiveness.

Manager of Executive and Leadership Development-United Technology

OrganizationDynamic has been our primary external source of senior executive assessment and development since 2016. Mary has always delivered tremendous results for us, including helping assess, successfully bring on-board, and coach the inbound CEO for our largest business, based in the US Mid-West. She did an excellent job in matching our needs with an assessment program for our shortlist candidates, and a development plan for the appointee.

CEO, Arran Isle

Mary was instrumental in assisting me to see things in new light and bring observations that werenʼt apparent to the forefront. We met at a time of transition for me. She provided consistent and solid career coaching on how to navigate through the transition. Focusing on self, how to show up, and preparing for whatʼs next are examples of regular discussion with Mary. I recommend Mary to anyone interested in a thoughtful conversation about how to improve; Mary will have points for you to think about.

Treasurer, National Grid

“You were able to provide insightful context that helped me manage an interesting leadership challenge. My team and I are better for the experience”

Head of RBC Capital Markets

The emerging leader program has had a major impact in my growth as a leader and contributed to my career expansion. Thanks to Jane and Mary for challenging us and making me think at a different level.”

Teck Emerging Leader-Cohort 3

I have had the pleasure to work with Mary and OrganizationDynamic for the last 8 years, as she has been instrumental in helping us navigate the exponential growth of the organization. Mary has been a great sounding board in helping us drive organizational change, assess and hire the leadership team, and build a culture of
high performance. Mary has been able to understand our business, our people and our culture, and her insights are invaluable.

Head of HR, Accedian Networks

Mary, and the entire team at OrganizationDynamic, have real insight into what it takes to be a successful leader, and provided first-rate guidance and practical advice on how to get the most from our new hire. Mary coached the new CEO during their induction period, including working with their management team. Job performance has been excellent from the new incumbent, as has the contribution made by their senior executive team, who commented specifically how effective she was in getting the new team to perform at a high level. Ultimately itʼs business results that counts, and they too have improved markedly.

CEO Arran Isle