Case studies

Building the Leadership Bench

Our client was facing the challenge of impending retirements and the desire to invest in the leadership talent of the future. They chose to partner with OrganizationDynamic to do several things:

  1. Define the success profile of the leader of tomorrow
  2. Design an assessment process to identify the high potential talent for these roles
  3. Design a development program to build self-awareness and capability of the identified talent

To do this, we interviewed executives across the organization, conducted focus groups with the next level of leadership and did research into the evolving environment they were working in. Using this we developed the success profile that we then validated at the executive level.

We designed a nomination process to facilitate selection of the right talent into the program. Nominees were vetted at the executive level to identify the final cohort.

Selected leaders participated in a multi-faceted assessment centre that provided them robust feedback against the success profile and informed their development plan and critical experience profile.

The development program was action learning based, involving quarterly residential week-long theory and experiential learning, post session application or action-learning assignments, peer coaching, and other learning assignments and self-reflection. Current executive were actively engaged with the cohort through fire-side chats, panel discussions and other activities.

At the end of the cohort program the future executives were supported with individual executive coaching and their development regularly reviewed at an executive level talent review facilitated by their OrganizationDynamic partner.

This program is now working with its 7th cohort. Many of the current executive cadre and general manager level have emerged from this program.

The model for this program is core to our leadership development philosophy, however tailored to the individual client.

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