Case studies

Identifying and Developing High Potential

Our client had a significant growth strategy that was going to require an increased number of general managers. The standard belief, however, was that these roles needed to be grown from within and took an average of 15 years. With the growth plans, they needed to identify what characteristics could predict potential to grow into a general manager earlier in their careers and how to accelerate their development.

To determine the characteristics to assess for, we interviewed former successful GM’s, managers of GM’s, current GM’s and members of the executive team with accountability for areas requiring GM level talent. This was conducted across the globe and in multiple languages. We used this to determine the success profile that was then validated through an online survey.

In addition, we identified a critical experience map that rounded out candidate experience and best prepared GM talent for a GM role.

The final success profile was then used to design an assessment process that included online psychometric and situational judgement assessments along with an individual interview. Successful candidates were selected into the GM development program that was customized to each candidate. They were assigned a GM or above mentor and a coach to guide their development.