Case studies

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Our client was focused on developing the emotional intelligence of its leaders. Using our philosophy on Emotional Intelligence: Understanding self, understanding emotion and controlling our emotions; understanding others and helping them recognize and manage their emotions; and understanding the triggers to what might cause emotionality in the workplace, our approach included:

  1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence: A half-day workshop that introduced the concepts emotional intelligence, driven from its genesis as “social intelligence”.
    Theoretical models were presented and discussion about how emotional intelligence was important to the strategy of their organization and them as leaders. This build an appreciation of the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace.
  2. Assessment to build self awareness: As certified partners with MHS we used the EQ 2.0 assessment and through our partnership with Facet 5, we included this personality based assessment to develop the self-awareness of the individual leaders. They received individual feedback with a qualified coach who would partner with the leader through the development program.
  3. Coaching supported the individual leaders in understanding their emotions, triggers and using self-reflection to manage through these.
  4. Ation learning based workshops were used to help leaders build awareness of others and how to support them in managing through their own reactions to situations they were facing.

The outcome of this process was a leadership team who were more aware of their own emotional profile and how to support each other through change and other emotion triggering issues. The team was also more planful in managing through change at the individual level.